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  Wheels for all Bandmills

Premier Bandwheel & Equipment Ltd. has been manufacturing top quality Bandwheels at the best possible price.  Staff have over 30 yrs experience working in the sawmill machinery manufacturing business.  During this period we have been involved in building bandmills, doing complete mill startups, and servicing of bandmills.  We have used this extensive knowledge of the industry and equipment to FOCUS on bandwheel design and manufacturing in a cost efficient way.

Primary Breakdown 54" to 108" diameter


Secondary Breakdown 30" to 60" diameter


Portable 24" to 40" diameter

9' diameter top headrig bandwheel


For installation on new equipment


Replacements for existing bandwheels


Arbors, bearings, housings and related parts


Design assistance available, if required


Used wheels in good condition


Dealer or agent inquiries welcome


Wheels for Primary and Secondary Breakdown Bandmills
bullet Fabricated from steel, stress relieved and precision machined.
bullet To ensure smooth running, wheels can be ordered statically and dynamically balanced.
bullet Fabricated and cast wheels are interchangeable, and work equally well on the same machine.
bullet Materials are in stock, therefore delivery times are faster.

9' diameter top headrig bandwheel.

8' diameter X 12" Face top headrig bandwheel c/w tapered bore

8' Dia. x 13" Face Top Bandwheel c/w arbor.

This wheel is fastened to a heavy duty pallet for air freight to New Zealand.
The wheel ass'y was made in 3 weeks to accommodate the customers need.

8' x 12" Face Cast Bottom Bandwheel previously used on an older machine
and reworked to suite a new customer's existing headrig.

New Arbor for 8' Diameter Bandwheel. Made from high strength steel and fitted
to suit the wheel taper. Arbor is 87" loing and approximately 7" in diameter.

7' diameter cast ductile iron bandwheels, top and bottom.

7' Dia. x 12" Face Top Bandwheel with a pair of 
44" Dia. x 4 3/8" Face Bandwheels c/w Hub

6' diameter fabricated steel top bandwheel.

Wheels for Portable and Small Fixed Bandmills
bullet Aluminum - very light and versatile, can be ordered with rubber
bullet Steel - very versatile in both weight and design, good for higher operating speeds
bullet Cast ductile iron - most economical for large quantity orders or repetitive orders

42" x 4"face bandwheels c/w tapered bores.

General Assembly of 36" x 1-1/2" Face (for 2" blade) Horizontal Bandmill. Both 36" dia. bandwheels are made from steel, are stress relieved, fully machined, crowned, high speed dynamically balanced for vibration free use and painted safety orange. Wheels are generally sold in matched pairs with the driver being heavier than the idler (keeping the external inertia of the wheels in proportion).

Pair of 44" Dia. x 4 3/8" Face Bandwheels. Driver Wheel has 20" Dia. Sheave machined with the wheel. 20,000 Lb. Hub Assemblies shipped with the wheels. Idler and Driver have approximately 20% weight difference to improve cutting performance.

Heavy Duty Hub Assemblies. 20,000 Lb. capacity, oil or grease lubricated. 4 1/2" Dia. Spindle, can be modified to suit your particular requirements or supplied as shown. The spindle is made of high strength material.

5' Diameter bandsaw wheels comes with 2.5" wide x .032" deep
grooves for improved tracking on high feed rate machines.

Wire Rope Sheaves - For use on sawmill carriages.

40" Dia. x 4" Wide for 1 3/8" diameter wire rope (cables)

  • Made from steel, to ensure safety and longevity

  • Precision bore, for bearing fit

  • Precision groove machining, to extend wire rope life

  • Cable drums for carriage drives, both steel and cast ductile iron


7500 Minster Drive East Delta V4C 4M5 Canada
Telephone (604) 591-2080, Fax: 604-591-2835
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